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Alp monster girl

Alps are a succubus-type monster girl with a very unusual origin: monsterized homosexual men and those who yearned to become women. If such men become incubi Jan burton freeones exposure to demonic energy, the dark magics respond to their desires by turning them female.

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While i am aware of the alp being a 'succubus' and the skeletons able to be made from male corpses, but is it possible for most monsters to have a alp version. I understand things that aren't able to originally be human or alp versions of Lewis x arthur.

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Alps are a rather bizarre sub-type of succubus-style monster. ShoutWiki Blog Bug Tracker.

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That the processes largely leaves their mind intact only complicates matters - on the one hand, an Alp may still identify as male and may find the idea of having sex with other men abhorrent, but on the other, their nature as monster girls means they require the spirit energy of men to sustain themselves and become increasingly horny the longer they go without it. They originally were human males, but when the demonic energies they were exposed to met with their deep-rooted desire to become women which many erstwhile Alps were oblivious ofthey were transformed into monster girls.

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