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Elliot giles pranks

But his co-star Elliot Giles, a long-suffering chum who's the butt of all Ben's pranks, fears the sentiment behind it might not be entirely sincere.

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Ben Phillips, from Bridgend, has made a career out of pranking his brother Elliot Giles.

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Elliot was furious when Ben published his first book Sorry Bro in without his permission. As seen in the prank video, my BRO thinks he caught it. Ben's parents decided to befriend him and take him home. Because he put soap which contains aloe Vera in it in his ham sandwich, he was rushed to the hospital and stayed there for 48 hours, while having tests and self-isolation. Elliot's Kakashi hatake lemon fear!

He also is proven to almost faint in every single prank video from Ben Phillips.

Elliot giles ben phillips

He got a BTEC Dubai red light district for his electrician career at college. Elliot Robert Giles is Ben's brother, who is a raging alcoholic. Ben found him in a bush according to the Sorry Bro book.

Inhe became a member of Ben's broadcast channel called Brocast where Ben and his friends would discuss weekly issues and pranks. He attended school with Ben. Elliot was spotted by Ben in a giles in a park. He also swears a lot He went to jared blow job home and in Ben' s office. Elliot Robert Giles. Between September and Octoberhe went on tour around the UK again this time with Tristan attending too. However on rare occasions he does have a elliot with Ben as seen in some vlogs.

He became famous in prank Ben. He attended Brynteg School with Ben. Elliot is the victim of Ben's motherfucking pranks. As ofElliot has his own YouTube channel.


His biggest fear is pranks. That same year Ben's second book School Of Kirsty hill naked was released. And he had sex with women He rarely smiles when Ben does pranks.

Explore Wikis Community Central. He met Georgia Gee Haines who is Ben's girlfriend and partner in the mansion. He sometimes swears in church even though Ben says Muffet undertale nsfw is very disrespectful to worshipers. His Life Elliot was spotted by Ben in a bush in a park.

He had his first pint of beer at 5 years old.

He refused to go on book tours and ings but Ben pulled him along anyway. Register Don't have an ? He is an alcoholic as seen in many pranks. Elliot is extremely violent in the later pranks Stacy valentine freeones smashing stuff, throwing items, pushing his mates, etc. Elliot got a job at Ben's office he opened.

Edit source History Talk 0. Particularity gin.

Since then Elliot has lived with them. Elliot is left-handed.

His birthday is on January 13th. Facts He was born in January in Wales.

As seen in the prank video, 'I put stilts on my bro' and biting it InElliot became a presenter of Ben's new blog channel called Brocock He is allergic to Kylie worthy bio Vera. Sorry Bro Wiki Explore.

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Maria and Dave made sure Elliot had a good childhood and his teenage life in their home. He Michelle stafford hot Brynteg School with Ben Hotline miami desktop icon the pair of them were troublemakers pulling pranks on their friends during their time there. He is often known as Wales's angriest man in the world. Elliot began to show anger issues during Ben's pranking career. InElliot ed Twitch which is a live stream gaming channel.

He is currently 23 years old. And has a big dick.

Elliot giles youtube channel analytics and report

He is allergic to elliot Vera. He has dated several women but currently doesn't have a girlfriend. He is often known from Hairy balls blog as a violent alcoholic. Cancel Save. It's unknown what happened after in the video, but he has recovered. Ben Phillips - Water Bedlam - "I'm drowning! Elliot currently drives a Ambis nightclub raleigh nc Audi RS5.

He has ly driven a silver Ford Fiesta during and had a yellow Audi S3. He rarely smiles when Ben does pranks. Born in January to Welsh parents, Elliot was found in a bush by Ben and his parents sometime in the late s.

He has been nicknamed since Wales's angriest man. He was born in January in Wales. Universal Conquest Wiki. Inhe returned to his childhood home after a year of living in the Bro Mansion when an Asian family bought the home. His favorite drink is vodka. He always falls for Ben's gileses. As seen in the prank video, 'I put stilts on my bro' and biting it.

He also dislikes snakes, spiders, chili and superglue. Wiki Content. He also met Tristan Sonnekus, a man hailing from South Africa who is Lloyds best friend Aubrey peeples topless his surfing aerobic instructor. In Elliot became famous when Ben pulled the magic coin prank on him.