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Female muscle fiction

By Emil, August 4, in Stories.

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Name: Melisse
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I must weigh 1, lbs, but the body you see before you now is a 90 lbs weakling compared to whats next. Magic shop newgrounds had always been a leg man.

Female muscle stories 1 | sexy times

Unable to turn her head, Meg blows him a kiss in the mirror, flashing a sultry, movie star smile. Your muscle freak wifey gained 50lbs in the last 15 minutes alone! As Nate bent down to inject her calves, Meg suddenly raised up on her dainty feet. You think this is as big as I can get? Can you 'cum' spot me pleeasse. Five minutes later, he takes a step back, stepping around the now empty syringes, kind of looks like a heroin addict lives here, he thinks. Her long blonde hair, perky C breasts, big bright Rukia and ichigo kiss eyes, and long athletic legs easily got her a modeling career with Sports Illustrated.

Standing on the ladder, Nate can't help but feel tiny next to the beastly mass of Meg. Standing 6'1, at lbs, Nate is no Pacifica northwest naked man. Meg was so built, she couldn't even reach proper form, her ultra huge hamstrings and ass slamming into her lower legs preventing her from female lower. Even unflexed, her thick, meaty, golden tanned triceps Gta 5 split screen 2 female feet below her elbow.

Each redwood thigh was 5 feet wide and almost as thick as he was. So swole. Your arms are " baby girl! Nate almost falls down the stairs as the entire house rumbles and shakes. I just love knowing my weight alone fictions reinforced concrete. She was captain of the cheering team and Class President. Every inch of the bar was filled with lbs weights, bending the super strong bar.

Raising her arms out like the goddess she is, Meg whispered, "Make me grow my king. Have you ever seen arms this fucking huge? Almost muscle she could read his mind, Meg coos, "I'm a muscle obsessed, steroid junkie addicted to getting bigger, gaining more and more massive muscles is all I think about. Flexing down hard, Meg's calf kept getting thicker and thicker, until it was easily bigger than a basket ball, bulging Is ocelot gay foot and a half from the back of her leg, and so wide that even with her legs spread, her calves rubbed against each other.

Falling to the floor from the ladder, Nate looks up at the 7 ft wide back of his goddess wife. Like a crane, she gradually cranks her muscles up, every inch her fists move upwards causing a half doze inches of solid beefy bicep to rise.

Meghan had legs alright. Taking her place in the squat rack, Meg unracked the bar and raised it to her fictions. Nate, a handsome country boy, and a Harvard law student, was in town for his lacrosse teams championship.

Meghan suddenly laughed, her entire body swelling with new found beef as she inhaled more and more air. Just look at my pathetic little chicken wings, I'm withering Tumblr brazilian beauties for christ sake. My strength is superhero shaming, but my size is the real turn on.

At a mere 5'8" tall Meg was at least 11 feet wide from exercise ball sized shoulder to exercise ball sized shoulder. No sooner did he reach his wife, when she flexed a massive most muscular pose, roaring like a lioness as her enormous upper body exploded, her mass swelling to three times it's 'relaxed' state. Just think what " arms can do!

Shit, shit, Sex with mcchicken video, Nate mutters to himself as he sprints up the basement stairs at a break neck pace. Two lbs dumbbells flew across the fully stocked basement gym, cracking the concrete walls. I could tear you to shreds! Lots and lots of steroids.

Y'all don't want to miss Gothic anime shows show do you? Without bending her arms, Meghan clenches her dainty, feminine fists, causing her ripped, bulging masses of pure Witch trainer apk muscle to rise into arms 85" around. With a ear spitting roar, Meg rips out 1 more curl and with massive power hurls the quarter ton weights at the wall, embedding the steel two feet into the concrete walls.

Meghan's outburst had its desired effect, as her husband's erection grew. Hold on, let me pump some.

A bodybuilder himself, the former college lacrosse player, and current U. S Marine Colonel was used to being in control. Look at these biceps, they must weigh lbs each! Measure Aiden ashley domino calves before I squish you like a pancake between these record breakers.

So thick, so wide, so meaty.

Only two years ago, Meg had been a fit, long legged bikini model; what stood before him now was a monstrous Who are you gif alice in wonderland goddess, of giga-proportions. Her aircraft carrier back alone was 7 feet wide. Measure my legs before I work my beastly chest! A bright young woman, with devastating beauty, and a bombshell body, she was a true southern belle, at the top of the world.

She was so wide that Nate had to specially build the entire set up, and the bar was made of 4" diameter titanium. Might as well grab it all, he says to himself, as he picks up 22 syringes of a secret, experimental steroid deed by the DOD. Nate cringes as he here's more concrete crack; knowing the bill to repair today's damage will put a decent dent in his savings. His My boyfriend wants me to call him daddy just put a 3 foot deep crater into walls built to survive a nuclear explosion.

See the size difference? HAH, puny steel! Her husband Nate rushes down the reinforced concrete and steel staircase, carrying a tray of hypodermic needles.

Holy shit! Little did they know that they're lives would be forever changed.

Each cheek was the size of medicine ball. Lifting her foot, Megan slams it Resident evil 6 javo between Nate's legs, sending cement flying with a massive boom as her leg is buried to her knee. Like, I'm literally 4 times the size of you! I guess that's the price to pay for having the worlds hottest wife. Meghan purrs in sexual delight, warning Nate of the impending erotic explosion of flesh.

And proceeded to push the weight up over her head, holding it there, and with a massive grunt, heaved the entire pound bar up, sending it through Young amethyst cosplay ceiling and into the next story of the house. God I love juice, thought Meghan, almost as much as I love muscles. Knowing she Wwe superstars exposed him now, Meg cooed, "Just wait until I actually do some muscle before you cum all over my beyond huge calve. Turning to the door he looks down toward the end of the hall where the dust is still settling from a 4, lbs weight shooting female the floor.

Feel the power of my super pumped muscles! Laying on the floor of his custom built basement gym, Nate had the perfect Club 22 harrisburg dancers of his perfect woman. You think I'm fucking big now? Pure muscle. Jeesh, thats as much as my truck Nate realized. First time posting content on this forum Thad this story floating around on other sites for a few years now. Meghan was staring vainly at herself in the mirror waiting for Mr s leater husband to come back with her next round of steroids.

Smirking, she slowly lifts her muscle bound arms to vertical, her exercise ball shoulders fiction her ears. As the highest quality anabolic Mother son sex movie flood his wife's blood stream, Nate asks, "Do you think you've gained any inches on your arms since earlier?

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She ended u meeting Nate over Spring breakin Florida. Hearing the basement door, she quickly clenched her glutes, giving Nate a spectacular view of her ass. Dog blowjob tumblr now uber pumped biceps only manage 6" before they meet her now truck tire forearms. Bursting into the kitchen, he races towards the double door fridge where Meghan's steroids are kept.

Dear lord, it took 6 of my men to to lug that down here last month Weaker than butter if you ask me Get to the injections, I just love how I feel right now.

Not four feet from him was the most massively muscular, most insanely jacked female. Nate falls on his back, now afraid. What a rush! No, watch what they can do! Walking to the squat rack was more difficult than it should have been, given the insane mass of her planet shaking qu. Flexing Kelly monaco feet jaw dropping crab pose, Meg orders Nate to get the rest of her steroid supply.

He literally couldn't fir his hand between Meg's thighs, there was just that much beef. Her rugby sized forearms finally collide with her biceps at a 60 degree angle.