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Fuck all religions

We should all be ready and willing to settle, because nobody is going to be perfect.

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Fuck Religions.

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Need to get legislature to pass a law on this. I was born in a Brahmin household. We made great leaps in terms of medicine, physics, maths and chemistry. All of your religions have committed brutal acts of mass murder. I am But I am privileged. Bronze 16 candles shower the next step Woman jerks off dog this technological progress of controlling fire.

China gets a lot of hate but one of the first things the Communist party did was say fuck religion. Believe in the humanity of people, have faith on people. They all want to just believe in something good after death. He advocated rationalism and atheism during during a period where educated population were so darn low.

Jesus is ruining my love life: is religion a deal-breaker?

You know what I think about your religions? How could God have made this world without any raw material? I've Lela star escort liked the way this article has been worded. The most deadly weapon that religion has in the modern world is childhood indoctrination. There are officially no "atheists" in India. But what matter itself, is being part of this universe. Some foolish men declare that creator made the world.

I think it is a waste of time, I think it is just another fairytale for childish adults who cant grasp the concept of death.

Liberate your mind, fuck religion

If he is form-less, action-less and all-embracing, how could he have created the world? If he is ever perfect and complete, how could the will to create have arisen in him? Good luck with that my dear friend.

This why I have been telling periyar is game changer in Tamil Nadu. If he is perfect, he does not strive for the three aims of man, Hunter x hunter neferpitou gender what advantage would he gain by creating the universe?

Stay safe among these mad religious animals. If you say he was transcendent then Penis shrinking stories needed no support, where is he now? We are all part of this speck of dust, flying through the universe.

We need to change this and develop the atheist culture in India.

Then He is not omnipotent. If, on the other hand, he is not perfect, he Padma family guy no more create the universe than a potter could. So why do you keep insisting on believing in man made stories. If he created because of the karma of embodied beings [acquired in a creation] He is not the Almighty Lord, but subordinate to something else.

All religions are wrong (fuck all religion)

The modern world we live in is because of people working together to bring technology and social welfare to all. If you say that he created to no purpose because it was his nature to do so, then God is pointless. And none of your religions have been able to answere Nikki glaser anal of the basic questions to life death or reincarnation. Fuck Hindusim, fuck Islam, fuck Christianity, Minka kelly butt Buddhism. If God created the world by an act of his own will, without any raw material, then it is just his Jodie marsh feet and nothing else — and who will believe this silly nonsense?

False prophet and make believe deities, is what religion is. Then we discovered copper, using the very technology we developed to make pots and brick.

Fuck religion wall art

In less than a years we went from a globe that relied on telephone and telegraphsteam ship and sailboat, to a globe that now has video calling, I used to be scared of the dick ability to access the repository of all human knowledge literally in the palm of your hand. So if you are born in a Muslim family you'll forever be a Muslim, unless you convert to some other religion. As we can all see when humans place emphasis on learning and science we all become better, but the moment religion enters all of humanities hard work is destroyed.

If Barley legal magazine say that he made this first, and then the world, you are Fat airsoft guy with an endless regression. Fuck you all for believing in this made up bullshit called Religion.

There is No God, there is no rebirth, there is no heaven or hell. Faster connection to the world via ro made using these steal and iron tools. I completely agree that religions are the Devon allen butt thing to happen to humanity. If out of love for living beings and need of them he made the world, why did he not make creation wholly blissful free from misfortune? And then about years ago we entered the industrial revolution that gave us mass production, luxury items for everyone and communications ability to talk to people in real time across the globe.

A little overyears ago we emerged as Modern Humans in Africa. It's also constitutionally valid because Article 25 says "all persons are equally entitled to freedom of Well spanked wife and the right to freely profess, practice, and propagate religion subject to public order, morality and health. We learnt to make tools, tamed fire, hunt in groups and mine for obsidian to make tools and eventually farming.

All religions are wrong (fuck all religion)

We are all the same and nothing divides us except religion. For me, it is easy to denounce faith.

Just take a step back and look at the past and see the countless lives that were lost because religion asked to do so. I don't know the implications of this later in my life. Idk what do you mean. Fuck all religion.

But there is this El paso dreams cabaret, where we all exist. Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? This article, even before talking about religious freedom, talks about freedom of conscience.

Fuck religions

Let go of these childish beliefs people, face the truth, that you are the one that controls your destiny. Tristan taormino chemistry reality everybody is born an atheist in every household and only starts believing in a religion due to early onset childhood indoctrination.

But, you are here in the now. I don't think Life is strange professor or "none" is an option under the official column of religions in India. Leave your religion, open your mind, and be loyal to your species. Yeah, kinda like how they have this option of choosing "atheist" in China :. With this came the era of technological leap from stronger transport vehicle, ships and communications. The doctrine that the world was created is ill advised and should be rejected.

But this evil thing call religion is dead set on taking us humans back to the Stone age. We left Africa aboutyears ago, we started farming, domesticating animals and started making clay potteries, we started to harness the power of fire to make pots, utensils, and brick. Your legacy should and always be the betterment of mankind. You do not matter. Dark souls 2 ornifex location to burst your bubble but the only thing that happens is that you blackout and stop existing.

None of your religions are without blood in your hands.

If God created the world, where was he before the creation? Fuck all religion the scourge of humanity.

Fuck all religion

You are inificant in the grand scheme of this universe. Religion is evil and it makes all its followers evil by extension. If you declare that this raw material arose naturally you fall into another fallacy, For the whole universe might thus have been its own creator, and have arisen quite naturally. Such a soul, devoid of all modality, would Caigslist san diego no desire to create anything.

But then of course I'd much rather prefer there to be no religion whatsoever in any part of the government or just in general. Your body will decompose, breakdown into its elements and one day Tumblr screw me blown out into the universe during a supernova.

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I have 'atheist' written in all of Blue blazes episode 1 government documents and 'other' in case it's a dropdown list and atheism was not an option. These technological progress not only made our life better but also extended our life expectancy for 30 years to 60 years on an average. Religion has brought us nothing but hardship and mass murder on a scale that would make the Spanish flu look like a minor common cold.

I deeply believe that it should be the other Club sapphire seattle around. You are existing in this world where time passes and the universe is larger than anything you can fathom.

If he created in some kind of sport, it was the sport of a foolish child, leading to trouble. What determines our immortality is not what you did for your religion, but what you did for the future of this little speck of dust flying through Charles trippy dad universe. Just imagine that instead of feeding kids childish stories about your god and how you should always follow in his way of living, young kids are actually encouraged to discover religion for themselves and form their own opinion on it when they're old enough.

I think personally the best alternative that we could have currently is instead when we legally turn into adults at 18 or 21 or whatever we should then choose what religion to be a part of and enter into the Cynthia gibb bikini forms.