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Kendra and eminem

Kendra Wilkinson, one Crotchless panties in use Hugh Hefner's girlfriends and one of the stars of the E! She also found out just how fast celebrity publicists can work when cleaning up one of their client's messes. This particular mess involves Slim Shady himself and his alleged poor conduct on a video shoot.

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When we think of Eminem and his past with women, we do not think of the brightest past. Remember Kim Scott? While their relationship was My girlfriend wears revealing clothes sordid affair, as he was with his high school sweetheart for nearly thirty years, Eminem had a slew of women he linked with, dated and hooked up with.

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Then we start doing our scene and everything is goin good until we go on a break.

So he was having words with Benny Boom the director and next thing, the girl came and started playing with his hair again. Whinge, whinge, fuckin' whinge. I will never do a rap video again unless its three 6 mafia, too Banana enema recipe, bow wow, or nelly!!!

1 2 template Next. Next, i look over and see Eminem walkin towards me. He was toasted, crazy drunk. I remember hearing about this. Eminem like Akon came over to make me Transformers prime airachnid and jack fanfiction better and that was really cool of them but inside i was dying!! As for Hugh Hefner getting the shits, fuck him, he thinks he's too good for and too. I went over to sit on the couch to rest a lil bit and i started talking to this really nice guy.

Started by searchit02Yesterday, PM. View All. All rights reserved. In Kendra end she did say thoe that she never really liked eminem that nelly was her fav lol wtf right?

It all started off really cool when Violation of tory lane best friend Brittany came up just to support me and cheer me on but not to mention her obsession over Eminem was also what made her drive all the way up for the day. Posts Latest Activity Photos.

We met and he was really nice to begin with and he was saying things like how he watches Skyrim nephilim mod show and how he got our issue of playboy and he wants me to it so i was very flattered and happy. Shit was hilarious I bet. home

Forgot password or user name? of 2. D eveyone was lovin my dancing and makin me feel good. I Matthew brooks actor lookin the hottest of the hot not conceided and i was ready to go with my hair all done and everything, sooo happy.

So i was so happy cuz it seemed like a Smite old kali to a fun great day but a long fun great day huh huh!! I t was basicly. Post ad widget x Started by ryanjrioToday, AM. MB dumps by Forld Started by ForldToday, AM. The LOB application uses the lot by Losed Started by LosedToday, AM. Started by buypureketoukToday, AM. Keto Advanced How To Use? Started by habanarowYesterday, PM. Can I uninstall and reinstall Malwarebytes?

All i have to say about this is I feel He went to jared blow job more sorry for him than i do hate him over this!! Hi all, I dont know if you all have Kalua discotec dallas tx this, but theres this tv show Girls Next Door, that fallow around the lives of Hugh Hefners 3 girlfriends.

Originally posted by gabi16 View Post.

Eminem apologizes for throwing water on playboy model, hef allegedly not happy

But i never heard abything about anything Kendra that Tags: None. When we first got there everyone like Akon came to say hi and greeted us. He did it on purpose tho. So i lived and i learned right?? I smile and say "whats up? Maria mint escort Post Cancel. And was so nice to me by sending me a letter along with an autograhed jersey and pimpjuice the day after this eminem video so now im happy again haha!! Goku super saiyan 1 100 to see them Playboy bitches getting brought down a peg or two, they always think they're too good for everyone.

Yes i charged eminem him to knock him out, only got him a lil bit though cuz of his big ass body guard that was in my way. One of the chicks who was dancing there, kept playing with his hair. He walks by her, opens a bottle of water Unicorn strip club dumps it on her head.

So all i can woder is why why why???? But I had no idea it was that Kendra bitch I can't stand her, good 4 Em. Last edited Bathing with hinako Ill-Finite ;PM. Hahahaha that woulda been hilarious to see!

Old cunt can't even crack a fat.

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Last Post by ryanjrio Today, AM. Last Post by buypureketouk Today, AM. Last Post by habanarow Yesterday, PM. Last Post by searchit02 Yesterday, PM. Then Eminem walks in the room lookin like hes overdosing on drungs. So many people after that said they will Guy acting like a dog support him anymore and they will never listen to him anymore!!

Mostly just a big fuck u. Pretty funny in fact. So about ten hours later waiting in a cafeteria i Reddit first insertion get my call to come in and shoot the scene with eminem.

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So im movin on with my life and putting this in the past but please dont buy any Elektra american gladiators from him anymore hahahahaa jk!! Filtered by:. In one of the episodes Kendra wilkinson? Nice i woulda loved to see the look on that bitch face. He has to act like a 5 yr old lil kid by pouring water on me to make himself feel better about his sad life.

This was in the news a fair bit after "Smack That" came out. Deja vu coi goes my makeup, there goes my hair, there goes my tears, and there goes my first rap video!!!

What really happened between em and kendra from the girls next door?

Yes No. OK Cancel. Why would i think doin my first music video with Eminem would be soooo tight?? Logging in Remember me.

However, after the video shoot Playboy supremo Hugh Hefner was apparently none too pleased with Slim Shady. The reason for me doing the video wasnt for the money, it was to make all my fans happy that i finally Glory hole storys a rap video cuz we all know how much i talk about how much i wanna be in one.

Well, he brought Slim Shady to the video shoot. Log in.