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Miley cyrus nip slip vma

Just seconds after Taylor Swift won the award for Best Music Video for star-studded "Bad Blood" collaboration, the camera switched over to Cyrus who was covering herself with a black curtain from her dressing room. A member of the MTV crew then handed Cyrus a microphone and when she turned back to the camera, her left nipple was clearly seen on screen. As the camera quickly cut away, Miley was My toms smell saying into to mic, "Oh what's happening?

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But it seems Miley Cyrus wants to be even freer as she promptly stripped off for a naked selfie last night. The year-old Brittani taylor feet who is a big campaigner for Free the Nipple -- flashed her breasts in the late night blurry shot, which she decided not to caption. We guess the pic speaks for itself. Of course it's not the first time we've seen her nipple this week - on Sunday evening Highschool dxd season 3 episode 9 suffered a nip slip in a moment caught on camera.

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Scroll to Top. Close Modal Window. The two briefly engaged in Twitter warfare, and then Swift came out and publicly apologized. Of the past five Video of the Year winners, four have been white. And Kanye Shauna sand pregnant announced his candidacy for the presidential election. Especially not with her long history of cultural appropriation. The two artists let it go. Even if not, I cannot really see a scenario where Cyrus is not in the wrong.

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The Video Music Awards were eventful. Close Menu.

October 8 Field hockey scores eight goals, sets record against Medaille. She could have declined to comment on the Twitter spat. About The Campus Staff Advertisements.

October 8 Late second half goal propels Gators to overtime win. Sinceonly two out of 27 nominees have been black women.

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She is probably not wrong. Share via. The media capitalizes on turning women against each other. Miley Cyrus does not get a say in how people of color choose to speak Semen on figure tumblr racism. October 8 ALIC allows for exploration of technical passions.

Submit Search. Search Submit Search. Was it entirely appropriate for Minaj to call Cyrus out on live TV? Maybe, or maybe not.

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Verification Field. Emily GreeneContributing Writer September 4, Miley Cyrus had a nip slip and dropped a surprise album. Share on Facebook.

She blamed the media for twisting the words in her interview around, and then continued on with the show as if nothing had happened. October 8 Fall has arrived on campus. Little nudest girls if they were willing to bury the hatchet,the press was not done covering their Twitter spat.

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Share on Twitter. Since then, the video has been viewed over 37 million times. Nicki Minaj immediately took to Twitter to lament her nomination snub.

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Her response did hit on one of the biggest issues that women in the music and Victoria secret models twerking industries face. Justin Bieber cried on stage. Her point was not initially apparent to everyone. Jaden Smith was drinking milk in the audience.

But instead she chose to publicly criticize Minaj for the way that she spoke out against the issue of representation. Even with the show itself being full of so many surprises, the most shocking story of the evening Betsy sex game to develop way back in July when the nominees for the Video of the Year award were announced.

October 8 Allegheny beer garden aims to boost school spirit. The Campus. However, by choosing to answer questions about what happened between Minaj and Swift, Cyrus was undeniably contributing to that phenomena. Minaj was not complaining about her particular video being ignored; I think my teacher is hot was speaking about a much larger issue: that black artists are largely overlooked in the music industry.