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Mr t is gay

I love Mr T.

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Mars has pulled a UK TV ad for Snickers featuring Mr T harassing a speed walker for being a "disgrace to the man race" after US complaints Skinny swimsuit models it was offensive to gay people. The American confectionary giant pulled the Snickers ad even though it was never shown on TV in the US - as happened last month with the Heinz Deli Mayo ad featuring two men kissing. The Snickers ad, made by the same agency that caused an international furore with the Heinz male kiss commercial, was first broadcast in the UK on July It opens with Mr T crashing through a building on the back of a flatbed truck mounted with a Snickers-firing machine gun. Mr T pulls alongside a man in tight yellow shorts who is speed walking Pecos tx back page growls: "Speed walking.

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Its just impossible!!! It could just be a big load of bollocks of course.

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Dont it??? Gopher Posts: 1, Forum Member. But he does have a tool in his hand every other scene.

Maddave Posts: Forum Member. If T was half as strong as he was back then hed kill da fool. I also heard he can't wear all the gold anymore, as carrying it round all these years has given him a bad back. Has anyone seen Eddie Murphy's Delirious?

Who is mr. t? biography, gossip, facts?

Nothing is impossible, Gopher! Though alot of ppl on things like WWho Would u Kill do say this about him.

So what if he was gay?? Could he? They are allowed to be muscly and stuff as well as you weedy straight guys!

Mr T is not gay. In Register. That's where the rumour started because he made a joke about how funny it would be if Mr T was gay.

People have talked about it ever since I don't think it is true. And anyway,his biography online says he has 3 .

In or Register to comment. Please,it has to be the fiurst one! I pity da foooooollll who ever said that in the first place,I do I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr t says: "i pity the gay fool!"

Hey there! Now don't be so pathetic and grow up. Welcome to the Digital Spy forums. Well no,they never killed any1 but hed sure hammer dat foo!

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I heard the same rumour from a friend of mine quite a while back. System Lesbian experience project 2, Forum Member. Now this could be a contentious debate. I dunno,i think its justa rumour. I wonder if he ever got it on with murdock?

I mean,BA was the biggest,meanest but worshipped tough brotha of the 80s! I guess there are some gay men who would have loved Mr T to have been gay! Surely not!!! Forums Recent Rules My Activity.

Mr T Caliente tampa pictures appeared on some american chat show and stopped putting on the hard man act, and was actually a big camp queen! In school a teacher of one of my friends said his teacher stopped watching the A-Team when he was a boy cos Mr T was gay.

Come on,he couldnt be!!!!!!

So was BA on the A-team or playing for the other team if u get me?