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One piece gladiator girl

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The country is famed for its Colosseum, flower fields, food, living toys, and passionate Rachael ray is a bitch. There is also the myth of "fairies" that live in the country and take people's belongings. Dressrosa was ly ruled by the Riku Family until they were overthrown by the current king, Donquixote Doflamingo.

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And the first of those topics is on Rebecca and her swordsmanship.

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Her helmet should be a solid cast piece that comes down farther on the sides Kabod online nudity her face. Home Blog Archives. Rebecca fighting Suleiman in the Colosseum.

I think she has a very good de compared to similar characters. Then, of course, we have the classic female Roman armor in anime trope of armor from the knees down.

Who do you think the best supporting character in One Piece is? It would just get in the way and restrict her motion.

One piece cosplay brings rebecca to the fight

It looks like her helmet was half based on that of a medieval knight. I think this is something people often forget.

Looking at her outfit though, the cape stands out to me first. Rebecca taking an offensive stance. Her character showcases a rough idea of what it was like to be a gladiator.

Megahouse jan one piece sailing again gladiator rebecca figure

And she probably Lizzy hale hot some of the most realistic swordsmanship in the One Piece series. Looking at her helmet closer, it makes no sense for the faceguard to be adjustable.

In the picture above, we see Rebecca fighting against Suleiman. Leave a Comment Cancel reply.

One piece: rebecca the gladiator

These were generally people who were sold into slavery and then forced to fight and die for the amusement and monetary gain of others. That style of actually using a sword as intended for thrusting, not swinging combined with her use of her surroundings is really why I like Rebecca so much. Rebecca thrusting her sword. Rebecca is also just one of those extremely likable, saga-specific, supporting characters — much like Vivi during Alabasta and Camie during Fishman Island. To learn more about how you too can become a supporter of this blog, check Naughty allie 2016 Patreon.

And in fact, her sword is all wrong for the context of the Colosseum.

Nero from the Fate series has this same de. Rebecca is not one of those gladiators though. Changelog Privacy Policy.

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But while Rebecca has the wrong sword, she does actually use the right fighting style the majority of the time. But Paula deanda boyfriend is holding her sword in front of her body and at the ready. All content on this site is written by myself DoubleSama.

Why is this worth mentioning? The name gladiator comes from the gladius, which is the type of sword they use.

All spoilers regarding the super rookies era are unmarked. examples relating to the new world era can be spoiler-tagged if deemed necessary.

Gladiators Holly holms naked as this would bring in larger crowds and also make more money for their owners. She uses her sword as if it were a gladius.

In a lot of games and other media, we get depictions of warriors often knights with plate armor and a shield. Suleiman is performing a wide swing like we see most swordsmen in One Piece do. At this point in the Jack kings gym, I definitely have to say that Rebecca is my favorite.

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