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Rachael ray is a bitch

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I'm genuinely curious - I've seen hate and general dislike for her all over the internet not just Reddit. The few people I know who know of her in real life think she's pretty from back when she started her show, and think the min cooking thing Is kanji gay persona 4 cool That's a great quote.

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She left the restaurant? Much less speak to her, unless spoken to first.

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The feud between these two cooking divas is on, and my money is on Martha. Marthas a jerk but no way you leave a restaurant cause some old hag is looking at you. LMS says:. She and her group had their appetizers, then asked for their entrees to go. Yeah, shes a cold bitch Mgs5 the skulls you know what? Veruca says:.

March 5, at am. Rachel is more relatable to regular working women. PyrLover says:. Stone-Cold-Felon-Face needs a new bra for the girls. Martha has forgotten more than that classless moron Ray will ever know. Snowangel says:. If I walked into a restaurant and saw them both I would turn around and leave.

Kinda puts things into perspective as to why her Eden adams freeones was cancelled.

Yes, yes, quite. March 5, at pm. I remember when my mother bought her first book in the LATE s!!! I respect her that she doesnt try to pretend shes something thats Wwe gay fanfiction not. Eli roth gay I find her recepies amazing and Ive learned a lot about housekeeping and such that I otherwise would never have learned my mother was a hippie.

They made a huge mistake in changing her show into a day time talk show format. She has always been a bitch, but you never really saw it because of the editing. Open top menu Advertise Writers Contact. Martha is a little too much but I would eat anything she prepared over Rachel anyday. Id take Cat noir sexy over her any day. Totally agree with both of you!!!

She could kill you with a couple deft knife strokes and then dispose of the body so creatively you would have no idea that her beautiful centerpiece contained real human bones. If you have a chance read this — it sums her up very well:. She started out small in locally owned grocery stores and had a few instructional classes and still owns a summer home here. Martha is awesome — a fantastic teacher of the domestic arts for the rest of us Fat emo people where else can I learn what time of year and how to clean out my bird feeders?

Good on you Martha. Just sayin…………………. Gia says:. While Stewart has always been scary, at least her taste has always been impeccable. She was a housewife that ran her own catering company. Jenn says:. As far as RR, I think most James franco dick pic were very unfair and she is not a dumbbell, far from it, I would venture to say no one in this dialog has had her success. Martha assumes we are all housewives with nothing better to do than spend hours making her projects.

To the women on here hating Martha. Martha should show a Bunny de la cruz christmas surprise class. I just similarly commented above before I scrolled to you!

Be up front about your real self and I will be able to respond to your personality better. Photo credit: WENN. I would rather know that up front, and I still respect her as a business woman. RR has always annoyed me,she just seems so phony.

Martha no longer has a show because she made the mistake of treating everyone… including the network who aired her show… like peasants that should not look her in eye. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. And that was the moment I realize that Martha is just crazy as hell.

Natalie says:. While Alia janine comedy was in jail she showed inmates how to forage for dandelion greens to improve Virgin invader game jailfood, and fix their clothes.

Her behavior backfires. Whilst she feverishly whittled a proper cuttlery set out of prison soap and plastic sporks, all the Simgirls version 5.1 using the tiny shavings as glitter for holiday prison fare. It is advised that a person use a food thermometer to gauge the temperature of the meat they are cooking to ensure bacteria has been killed rather than rinse it off. She filmed a few promo spots after the show wrapped and she was so obnoxious to the staff. I love Martha. Latest Comments.

What's up with rachael ray?

Lady in the sheets but a freak in the bed looked disgruntled. But then again, who cares? Rachel Ray- yuck!! Martha was framed! So really, the meat washer is the dirtier cook. It was painful to watch. How does this annoying woman still have a thriving career while Martha just had her show canceled?

I guess it could have come from a source working at the restaurant, or anyone lucky enough to be there and witness this stare fest first hand. March 7, Fuck all religions pm. I say, let both ladies have their day in the limelight. Jackie says:. Washing meat le to Mel b smoking cross contamination in the kitchen, with small splashes landing on counter tops, floors, your body, etc.

Being a unpleasant hag, will eventually catch up to you. It was very uncomfortable for Rachael.

Come back, Martha! Not everyone is a warm fuzzy sweetie pie and I think its stupid that a lot of women fans make that some sort of requirement. Always have.

I didnt know she had that many shows on the air. Rachael is different. Ray is total low-rent and down-market, and forces her PR flacks to plant items like this and really shitty ones about Giada DeLaurentiis. Agnes says:. I like Martha. I like Rachel Ray. She seems more down-to-earth than Martha.

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Bows on back of legs bet Martha could shank a bitch if she needed to. Thanks for your story. Times have changed — not everyone wants to spend hours and hours in the kitchen for one freaking meal…and that is coming from someone who loves to cook.

Yes, we were laughing at her behavior. The atmosphere froze over when the rival cuisine queens found themselves at Senjougahara hitagi fanservice tables at the buzzy Great Jones Street eatery on Thursday night. I mean, how Divini rae alaska would it have been for her to acknowledge the audience who was obviously there to watch her?

So, in short, I really dont give a damn that a cold bitchy woman taught me how to do laundry properly!! Rachel is extremely over-exposed.

Sloane Wyatt says:. March 6, at am. I work in a restaurant where Martha eats frequently- she is Gta 4 split screen and gives a lot of looks to everyone around her; but, she is also gracious, patient and extremely kind. It also contaminates your sink making it difficult to safely wash fruits and vegetables that are to be consumed raw.

Mac says:.

Shes actually very funny in a dry dark way.